Aliff Families

From St. Margaret, Westminster, England to Rappahannock County VAto  Fauquier  County VA, to  Bedford County VA to Roanoke County VA to Raleigh and Logan Counties WV


My lineage:

1st Generation: Thomas Ayloffe (born before 1741)

2nd Generation: Thomas Ayloffe (ca 1755)

3rd Generation: Thomas Aliff (born 1785) married Virginia Jane Hunt 

3rd Generation: William Aliff (born 1771) married Sophia Edwards 

4th Generation: David Aliff b.1804 (son of Thomas 3rd Generation) married Nancy Aliff b. 1810 (daughter of William 3rd Generation)

5th Generation: Asa Aliff (born 1831) married Sinthia Belcher b. 1878

6th Generation: George Dewey Aliff (born 1900) married Minnie Austin b. 1905

7th Generation: Howard Dewey Aliff b. 1929 married Patricia Tucker b. 1933

8th Generation: Cynthia Aliff  b. 1953 married David Urbach b. 1955 

First Generation

Thomas Ayloffe (Born Before 1741) 

Thomas Ayloffe: A Bonded Passenger to America

Born before 1741, St. Margaret, Westminster, England

Died 1774, in Richmond County Virginia

1741: Came from Westminster, England     

Exiled to Rappahannock, VA

Exiled from England for stealing 2 sheep; arrived on ship Harpooner. 

Married abt. 1750 to  Mary



Thomas Ayloffe b. ca 1755  

(Family information listed in second generation)  

Mary Ayloffe b. Aug. 12, 1756, Richmond 

Married Joshua Spilman ca. 1779 Lancaster County Virginia

William Ayloffe 

d. 1812, Fauquier Co, VA

Second Generation


Thomas Ayloffe (Born ca 1745) 


Thomas Ayloffe

Born: ca 1745

Died: ca 1816, Bedford Co, VA. 

Married:  P. . .  

Migrated with his family from Fauquier Co, where he was on the tax list for 1800, to Bedford Co. 

Not on 1810 VA census. 

Info taken from son, Thomas Aliff's death register listing in 1856 Roanoke Co., VA


Thomas Aliff b. 1780. 

Married Elizabeth Jane Hunt 

(Family information listed below in Third Generation)

William A. Aliff b. April 27, 1771. 

Married Sophia Edwards  

(Family information listed below in Third Generation)

David Aliff b. 1776, 

m. Mar. 27, 1809, Bedford Co, VA 

Married Betsey Smith

James Aliff b. 1784, VA 

d. after 1860, Harrison Co, MO. 

m. Aug. 23, 1813, in Bedford Co, VA

James fought in War of 1812 

1860 Harrison Co. MO census says age is 73 


Married Nancy White, b. 1797, Bedford Co, VA, 

d. after 1860, Harrison Co, MO. 

 **This is our Missouri Line of Aliffs.



Third Generation

William Aliff (Born 1771)


Family Group Sheet  

Husband: William A. Aliff 

Born: April 27, 1771

Father: Thomas Ayloffe  

Married: April 07, 1805  in Bedford County VA


Wife: Sophia Edwards

Mother: Nancy


Nancy Aliff

Born: 1810    

Died: Aft. 1870

Married: March 27, 1826


Spouse: David Aliff 

(Family information listed below in Fourth Generation)

Thomas Aliff 

Born: May 20, 1805 Bedford County VA

Died: August 16, 1893 Cooper Creek, Russell County VA

Married: Abt. 1826


Spouse: Nancy Elizabeth

Born: 1813

Died: Aft. 1880 Russell County VA

Lucinda Aliff

Married: Aug. 23, 1843


Spouse: William Lawhorne


James Lawhorne

Eliza Ann Lawhorne

Indiana Lawhorne

Sandy Lawhorne

William  Lawhorne

Catherine Lawhorne

Elizabeth Lawhorne

Lucinda Lawhorne

Lucie Lawhorne

Jonas Aliff

Married: Oct 26 1843 Roanoke County VA


Spouse:  Margaret Reynolds 

* * * Note that the next family Group Sheet is also the third

generation of my lineage. The two sons of Thomas Ayloffe

(William and Thomas) are my  ggg-grandfathers. 


Third Generation

Thomas Aliff (Born 1780) 

Family Group Sheet  

Husband: Thomas Aliff

Born: About 1780 in Roanoke VA

Married: February 24, 1803 in Bedford County VA

Died: April 15, 1856   in Roanoke County V A

Father: Thomas Ayloffe  


Wife: Jane Hunt

Born: 1786 in VA

Died: June 10, 1871 in Raleigh County WV

Mother: Elizabeth


Thomas and Jane were supposed to have had 14 children.


David Aliff

Born: 1804  

Married: March 27, 1826 in Roanoke County VA 


Spouse: Nancy Hill Aliff  

Born: 1810

Parents: William Aliff and Sophia Edwards

(Family information listed below in Fourth Generation)

Thomas Aliff Jr.  

Born: 1820 According to the 1850 Roanoke County Census

Died: after 1874

Married: August 26, 1866 Raleigh County WV


Spouse: Fluvanna Mills

Born: 1827 Franklin County

Died: August 20, 1874 Raleigh County WV


Thomas Wilson Aliff

William Aliff      

Born: 1818  according to the 1850 Roanoke Census

Spouse: Sarah Aliff       

Born: 1824  

Pleasant Aliff  

Born: October 1828


Spouse: Mildred  

Family information

John Aliff  

Born:  1818 in VA  According to Roanoke County Census

Married: February 24, 1847

Spouse: Sarah Jane Pluckett

Born: May 21, 1825 Nelson, Franklin County VA

John and Sarah were supposed to have had 11 children.



James Aliff

Born: 1805  

Married: October 30, 1828  


Spouse: Mary (Polly) Freeman in Bedford County VA

Family Information


Fourth Generation


David Aliff (Born 1804) 


Family Group Sheet


Husband: David Aliff      

Born: 1804 in Roanoke County VA

Father: Thomas Aliff

Mother: Jane Hunt

Married: March 27, 1826 in Bedford County VA


Wife: Nancy Aliff 

Born: 1810  in Roanoke County VA

Died: Aft. 1870 

Father: William Aliff

Mother: Sophia Edwards


Name: Asa Aliff 

Born: 1831 in Roanoke County VA       

Married: March 27, 1878 in Logan County WV


Spouse: Sinthia Belcher

Born: 1858

Died: 1949  Buried in Pinecrest Cemetery Orgas, WV 

(Family information listed below in Fifth Generation)

Name: Thomas Aliff

                                        Born: 1827 in Bedford County VA                                     

Married: May 26, 1854 in Bedford County VA


Spouse: Harriet Aliff  

Name: Catherine Aliff 

Born: 1832  

Died: abt 

Name: Mary Aliff  

Born: October 1835 in Roanoke County VA 

Died: December 18, 1903  

Buried in Man Cemetery Logan County , WV         

        Married: April 11, 1878 


Spouse: Aaron Altizer

Born: July 23, 1826

Died: March 16, 1923 

Name: Elizabeth Aliff

Born: 1835 in VA Roanoke

Bef. 1890   

Married: December 20, 1855 Roanoke County VA


Spouse: William A. Ryan

Name: David Aliff

Born: 1838  

Died: July 24, 1854

Name: Nancy Aliff


Born: 1841


Spouse:  Alex Guthrie 

Name: James Aliff

Married:  June 22, 1850 Franklin County VA


Spouse: Catherine Gibson

Fifth Generation


Asa Aliff (Born 1831) 


Family Group Sheet


Husband: Asa Aliff          

Born: 1831 in Roanoke County VA

Died: March 15, 1909  in Logan County WV

Father: David Aliff

Mother: Nancy Aliff 


Wife: Sinthia Belcher   

Married: March 27, 1878

Born: 1858 

Died: 1949  

Buried in Pineview Cemetery Orgas WV

Father: John Belcher 

Mother: Nancy Blakenship  


Name: George Dewey Aliff  

Born: April 23, 1900  in WV

Died: December 1968 in Rock Creek, WV  

Buried in Pineview Cemetery Orgas, WV


Spouse: Minnie Austin

Born: July 20, 1905 in Kanawha County, WV

Died: September 28, 1993 in Burlington, NC  

Buried in Pineview Cemetery Orgas, WV

Father: Charlie Austin

Mother: Della Mae Rogers

Family Information Listed Below in Sixth Generation

Name: Robert Aliff  

Born: January 31, 1890  

Died: August 1963 in Florida


Spouse: Goldie

Name: Charlie Aliff  

Died in a coal mine accident

Spouse: Mary Austin  (Sister of Minnie Austin --Wife of George Aliff)

Name: Sarah Aliff

Name: Nancy Aliff


Name: Effie Aliff  

Name: Roxie Aliff  

Name: Julie Aliff  

Name: Dell Aliff  

Spouse: Nichols  

Sixth Generation


George Dewey Aliff (Born 1900) 


Family Group Sheet


Husband: George Dewey Aliff

Born: April 23, 1900 in WV

Died: December 1968 in Rock Creek WV  

Buried in Pineview Cemetery Orgas WV

Father: Asa Aliff 

Mother: Sinthia Belcher  


Wife: Minnie Austin  

Born: July 20, 1905 in WV

Died: September 28, 1993 in: Burlington, NC  

Buried in Pineview Cemetery Orgas, WV

Father: Charlie Austin

Mother: Della Mae Rogers


 Name: Howard Dewey Aliff

Born: May 15,1929 in WV

Died: October 22, 1994 in Youngstown, Ohio


Spouse: Patricia Ruth Tucker 

Born: March 5, 1933 in WV

Father: Lessel William Tucker

Born: April 29, 1898 in Charleston, WV

   Died: January 16, 1976  

in Bay Pines Veterans Administration Center 

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Buried: January 21, 1976 in Miller Cemetery Rock Creek, WV

Mother: Inez  Ellen Ferrell

Born: February 03, 1905 in WV

Died: March 17, 1986 in Baltimore, MD

Name: Arbutus Aliff

Born: Abt. 1920 in WV

Married: Evan Shufelt 

Died: 2002 in Arizona 

Name: June Aliff

Born: Abt. 1921 in WV

Died: January 1969 in IL

Married: Willard Asbury


Name: Robert Aliff

Born: About 1924 in WV

Married: Jennie

Name: Wanda Aliff

Born: About 1927 in WV

Married: Gene Lacey

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